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This is a role-playing journal for the character Edea Lee from the video game series, Bravely Default, currently played in [community profile] empatheias. It is maintained by [personal profile] wightknight. If there are any general thoughts or criticisms towards the way I handle this character, please feel free to drop a tag in this post. Anonymous commenting is turned on and comments will be screened.

Alternatively, you may reach me through my Plurk, [plurk.com profile] Holsety, or through PM. Thanks very much.
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Player: Wighty
Contact: [plurk.com profile] Holsety
Age: 25
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Edea Lee
Age: 18 (NA Age)
Canon: Bravely Default
Canon Point: After proceeding through the end of the cycles and destroying Ouroboros.

Background: Wiki Link for Edea Lee! Scroll down to the ‘Story’ section.

Personality: Edea is an incredibly headstrong character guided by a strong sense of morality and justice instilled in her by her father and her sword instructor. Raised from a young age to be a knight and a warrior, she vowed to always protect the innocent, defend the weak, and right the wrongs of the world. From the first scene in which she appears, it is clear that she has a keen sense of right and wrong – or as she terms it, black and white. All that she views to be black, she fights against with the whole of her strength. She does nothing half-heartedly and feels everything very keenly. The slightest injustice sets her on the warpath to punish those who would seek to oppress others…

Unfortunately, this means that in short order, she realizes that the people who are so heavily tarred with black are the very same ones who first instilled these values in her. The daughter of the Templar of Eternia, Edea is the heir to the Eternian throne - the throne of a country who, amongst other atrocities, promotes the enslavement of an entire people, encourages the murder of sacred creatures to create a potion that causes anyone who scents it to go mad with rage, rapes and murders women, starts wars all over the world, and uses debilitating poison gas to fight their battles.

Edea did not approve.

When she finds out the truth of what is happening, she has no qualms about immediately turning against her people, despite being their future leader. The same people who once inspired her – the hero knight, Heinkel, her sister warrior, Einheria, her swordmaster, Kamiizumi, her would-be lover, Alternis… even her father, Braev. All had become truly corrupted by the philosophy of ‘the ends justify the means’. Though their actions were ostensibly to save the world from a terrible fate, they had already plunged it into darkness through their truly black crimes. Edea is too noble of heart to ever be able to accept this. For the good of the world, she has no choice but to strike down her former friends and heroes. The only person she does not eventually kill is her father… but Braev Lee is crippled for life at her hand. Despite the incredible amount of personal loss that she will suffer – the deaths of her friends and family, the loss of her status due to the betrayal of her country, Edea places the needs of the world before herself.

She, of course, does not do this lightly. Though her decision is made without hesitation, each time she has to face a former ally, she begs and pleads with them to understand that their actions are madness. They never listen. On their side, they accuse her of being too quick to judge without knowing the truth. And this is a fair criticism of Edea’s faults. Her name, Edea Lee, speaks to her character – she’s incredibly idealistic and believes in a world that’s entirely black and white. She fails to see shades of gray and she judges incredibly quickly. Often, she will immediately pronounce something as ‘black’ when she has barely any knowledge of the situation – if she sees something she sees as unjust, she will make her judgment on the spot. In the case of the game, she turns out to be right in many cases. It is the people of Eternia who have been so corrupted by the idea of ‘grey’ that they cannot see that their actions have strayed from the gray to become truly black. But in other circumstances, Edea’s snap judgments could certainly lead to trouble.

Worth noting as well is the fact that despite her firm ideals and quick judgments, Edea also appears to be slightly too trusting. She is baffled and angry as to why Agnes is incapable of accepting her help at first, indicating that Edea herself would have no qualms about accepting this sort of help – failing to realize that being the daughter of the Templar of Eternia, being a Sky Knight, and being a complete stranger might possibly make it hard to trust her. She is also the last party member to recognize that they are being misled. Ringabel begins to entertain suspicions early on and shares them with Tiz, who eventually leads Agnes to the same conclusion. Edea stays in the dark for a bit longer than the rest.

Despite the more serious aspects of her nature, Edea can be relaxed and act more at ease as well. Of the party members, she and Ringabel are the more worldly, given that Tiz is a shepherd boy and Agnes is the Wind Vestal (essentially a nun). This often leads to situations where Edea and Ringabel tease the other two good-naturedly about their naivete and their lack of experience with big cities. She also likes to act a big sister to the others despite the fact that she is the youngest of them all, encouraging Tiz’s budding romance with Agnes, for example, or pushing Agnes to put herself out there and become less of an introvert. With her friends and close companion, Edea drops a lot of her fervor about JUSTICE and MORALS and simply relaxes and enjoys herself.

Abilities: In Bravely Default, abilities are bestowed by objects called asterisks. There are 23 Asterisks and 24 ability sets in total (called Jobs), with the default Job set of Freelancer. At the end of the game, Edea will have mastered the Valkyrie, Swordmaster, and Templar Asterisks, out of respect for her relationships with her ‘sister’, Einheria, her master, Kamiizumi, and her father, Braev, respectively. She will also be proficient with the Red Mage and Performer Asterisks as support abilities.

Incidentally, the Asterisks also provide magical changes of clothes. Edea herself, even without the Asterisks (in her Freelancer form), is an extremely proficient master of the sword and shield and the katana due to her lifelong training with Master Kamiizumi.

Edea can also use Specials, which are basically just super powered attacks depending on what weapon she’s holding. These require a great deal of ‘charging’ and can’t be used often.

Edea also has the ability to cook amazing concoctions that are guaranteed to be inedible for anybody besides Edea. She prefers her food to be composed of 90% sugar and has invented such dishes as jam and butter omelets, whipped chestnut and sweet potato toast, and marshmallow and condensed milk risotto.

Other: Edea will come with her signature katana, Ise-no-Kami.


First Person Sample:
Sample from a Mafia game called Dreamland. And here’s a more standard character interaction sample.

Third Person Sample:
Empatheias. An island where emotions were made manifest.
It was a difficult premise to accept at first – well. Right up until two minutes after she arrived, when her overwhelming joy at seeing Ouroboros disintegrate and at the salvation of thousands of worlds had caused her to temporarily become some sort of diminutive goddess of spring. She had wondered at first if this was the result of their victory. Perhaps this the true form that Luxendarc was meant to take without the interference of the self-proclaimed god of destruction and his servants. But it had become clear soon enough that this was an entirely different world in need of salvation.

She had, of course, been fully prepared to rise to the task. No rest for the weary – but then, the situation was much less pressing than the one at home. After this world was saved… after all was at peace, she could rest. Go home at last and reunite with her family…

She wondered if her people would accept her. …She wondered if her actions would have reversed themselves at all. Would Einheria and Alternis still be alive? Would her father be well? This parallel universe business was tricky to figure out.

But until then, there was still work to be done. It had been hard going, at first, living in this odd place. She wasn’t a person who felt things by halves – joy was just as overwhelming for her as anger; no matter what her emotions, she wore them clearly on her sleeve. In that sense, perhaps, it was less alarming to see their physical manifestations. She never hid them from herself; she believed in being honest and transparent. But in some ways, it seemed that made them all the more intense.

She ended her musings as Ise no Kami drew one last stroke through the air. The sword strokes she practiced – the sword strokes Master had taught her – were so automatic at this point that she hardly even had to think about them. She had allowed her mind to wander– bad form, she recognized. A flush of embarrassment at what her Master would have thought accompanied a vague acknowledgment that, perhaps, she was beyond her Master now.

…But no. That wasn’t quite true.

“…I’ll still make you proud.”

The person that she had admired… the person that she had viewed as a hero before everything had gone wrong. That person still deserved her respect.

“And I will see that this world does not fall to the black. Please… continue to watch out for me.”

Questions: The party in Bravely Default also has access to an item called a Strange Hourglass which allows for an ability called Bravely Second – essentially stopping time for a moment to take a breather. It requires charging, so perhaps it would be reasonable to say that it can be used only once every three days or something along those lines? Is this something Edea (and Tiz) can have access to?
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[She leans in close to his ears and whispers almost inaudibly.]

You are... the bravest of us all. Please continue to do your best... for the hopes of everybody here.

I hope you, too, will understand soon.

[This happens in the space of a second before she pulls away, and an emotion something like sorrow registers clearly on her face for the first time all trial.]
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My dear friends,

Ideally, no one will ever have to see this! Perhaps if all goes well, Missile will be awakened this morning before he may accuse me openly, and K and Aya will continue to believe in my innocence. But surely... that is not very likely.

And so, I leave this in the likelihood that tomorrow night will come and we will have been reduced to 7.

For all of you, I leave the same words that I left Aya for her newspaper. It is my greatest regret that I cannot be here to help you until the end. It seems to truly be nothing more than bad luck that Missile chose my name on the second day! But I will be waiting for you all in the hopes that you will succeed. I have no doubt that everyone in this park will awaken and be safely returned home. Mine shall be the easier role from here...

Ibuki: It's our loss that we didn't agree with your suggestions sooner! To choose the Detonator and the Detective in the same breath... One might call it luck, but perhaps it belies a greater insight. Your smile and enthusiasm have brought me great joy within these past days; I pray that your own joy will always shine brightly, no matter what the circumstances. To bring such cheer with ease is truly a gift.

Anise: I thought it shameful that those who had trapped us in this odious game had stooped to bringing mere children. But you are shrewd and clever, far more so than your age would suggest. Often, I find your keen mind has already thought of possibilities and consequences that escape my own. I continue to wish that you need not be involved in such a task, but I have seen with my own eyes that you are more than capable. Please continue to do your best and make me proud! (Remember the special treat for Ciel! :) )

Ciel: To have the Earl of Phantomhive with us must be our greatest asset. I won't ask how you come to be so familiar with such matters, but your insight has oft guided the way. I understand your desires, and I am certain that someone like you will be able to accomplish the goals you seek. However... for your own sake, please remember that there are others you may lean on as well. Watch over the others and continue to be their guide - but know, too, that there will always be those who watch over you in return.

Tamaki: Your spirit is truly noble, though you may not be nobility in truth. The charm you bring to our gatherings is undeniable. It must be difficult to see so many of your friends still trapped and unaware of the truth; with any luck, I shall be meeting some of them soon! Please continue to brighten our team with your whimsical spirit and ways.

Patchouli: I believe you have a reputation as 'crabby' amongst those who accompanied you from your home, but perhaps they mistake it for rightful concern... Thank you for your words and your advice in my time of distress; I am sorry that I cannot return it in kind if you may ever have an hour of need. And if I may have one request, I would have dearly loved to hear your harp someday - play for the others if you can!

Royce: Perhaps no one has audibly voiced this yet, but you seem to be the only adult male chosen for this task just as Patchouli is the only adult woman... In some sense, perhaps, the two you are the guardians of this nest of unruly children! I will be relying on you to care for the others and to keep them from trouble; please do your best! One more riddle, now, before we part: "Jewels may be held in it, but safe and chest I don't discuss. Open wide and glance inside; within it there is solely rust."

Mabel: How deeply regretful I am that I cannot spend more time with you! You are truly precocious beyond words. To know that we have saved you and your brother gladdens my heart; now that you understand the truth, I hope it is not so very frightening. I'll be relying on you to help the others succeed where I cannot. (P.S. Please see attached my recipe for a chocolate and caramel omelette! :) )

In closing, it's almost embarrassing to say, but... it was nice to leave my home for a little bit, to come to a place where I clearly knew black from white. My home was a dangerous one, and I'm not sure what the future will have in store for me. The danger will perhaps be even greater... But surely, no matter where I might be, I will be cheering for you until the end. If I am to wait for your success alongside the others who have already gone, please trust that I will explain to them as well, that they might be assured of our intentions. Dipper, Mahiru, and Fuyuhiko will surely understand our actions by now... But if I am to return home, then know that I will always remember each of you with the greatest of affection in my heart.

Goodbye then, and good luck!

With love,

[Attached to this letter are two sheets - one is a recipe for a disgusting sounding omelette dish; the other is...]

Edea Lee
Tamaki Suoh
Patchouli Knowledge
Ibuki Mioda
Ciel Phantomhive
Malik Ishtar
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
Yuya Sakaki
Starfire (voted Levi)
* At least one of: Kurapika, M’gann, and Sigma Klim (all voted No One)
* Gundam Tanaka – Claimed
* Peko Pekoyama – Claimed

The above list, if correct, comprises all 14 unpaired guests. It is likely that at least one of Gundam Tanaka or Peko Pekoyama is lying.

Known Pairs:
Anise Tatlin & Royce Bracket
Mabel Pines & Nanami Kiryuu
K & Kaoru Hitachiin
Dipper Pines & Mahiru Koizumi
Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear & Takashi Morinozuka

Anna of Arendelle
Aya Shameimeru
Charles Macaulay
Constance Montgomery
Francis Abernathy
Kenny McCormick
Kyouya Ootori
Maya Fey
Miko Toyosatomimi
Mitsukuni Haninozuka
Nui Harime
Oz Vessalius
Simon Keyes

Anywhere from 0 to 2 of the preceding list are unpaired, while the remainder are paired. The worst case scenario is: if Gundam Tanaka and Peko Pekoyama are both lying and only one of Kurapika, M'gann, and Sigma are unpaired. In this situation, there would be 2 unpaired.
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[She'd gone back to her room after the vote was over to wait her visitors, her face somewhat pale.]

Thanks for coming.
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[She'd gone back to her room after the vote was over, her face pale.]

Thanks for coming. ...It looks like... Levi truly was innocent.
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[Edea has been very quiet during the trial because she recognizes that nothing she says will have any weight to it. There's a certain paleness in her expression...

But she hands a note to both K and Aya silently in passing.]

I understand you have no reason to trust me with what's been revealed so far.

However, I believe that Levi is innocent... because I know myself to be innocent. The pictures that were given to you... cannot be true if they seek to paint us with the same brush. Either we are both guilty, or we are both innocent.

If Levi is executed tonight and he is guilty, I will accept my fate tomorrow with the understanding that I have been dealt a bad hand. Some error has made in some fashion... But if Levi is executed tonight and he is innocent... perhaps you will give some weight to my words. It is a shameful plea, I know.

Perhaps it is pointless to protest what may be inevitable. However, in defense of my beliefs, I will vote for Nobody tonight. I would ask that the two of you speak with me after the trial if you are able.

I believe there is more going on than what is apparent.
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After their conversation and before the trial happens, a note will be slipped under Patchy's door for whenever she returns.

Missile is the true Detective or the Buddy-Cop.

If I'm gone by the time you read this, good luck!

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[It's close to the time of the trial, and Edea's burning curiosity means that as much as she probably should resist, she can't really help it.]


[There doesn't seem to be anyone else around the adorable puppy.]

I have a treat for you... Come on!

[It's jerky!]
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Patchouli, right?

[There's a lull during the day and Edea will approach the grumpy librarian when it looks like she's alone.]

I wanted to ask you something about what happened today. Is that alright?
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[Edea will approach with a smile. There's no one around, it doesn't seem, but...]

You wanted to learn how to make a special treat for your ~love~, right? I'll show you the recipe now if you want!
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I think I've got almost all your crossword!

[Edea will grab Ibuki in the middle of the day with an excited expression. No one is around, but you can't be too careful...]

Come see.


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